Shipping Cost

See the following table for our shipping cost:

up to 500g

500g to 2kg

above 2 kg


National (Germany)

5,00 € 1)

6,00 €


International (EU)

9,00 € 1)

16,00 €

 (Europe, but not EU)

16,00 € 1)

29,00 €

 (Rest of the World)

16,00 € 1)

38,00 €

Short and simple - no additional fees!

Please note: There might be custom charges - We ship from Germany.

All orders are insured.

All orders are trackable - except 1)

Please note: Tracking might not be available within the destination country.

From time to time, we offer some big original LEGO-boxes or -sets. Shipping cost for these items might be different, but will be stated in the description of the item.

1) This option is secured, but cannot be tracked.